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With a thickness of only 9.5cm this machine can easily fit on any kind of large vehicle traveling on land or sea. And can be delivered with battery and charger to operate individually from the main power of the vehicle. For safety it needs a key to start and has a warning light and led-display that counts down to when the vehicle is clear to operate.


We use the same testing equipment as NASA to ensure the values are in correspondence with scientific recommendations and to ensure safe values for when the vehicle is cleared for use.


With unprecedented power the model RLF-9 is made to simplify the process of disinfection on a large scale. It can be programmed for all types of vehicles with a plethora of connection types to ensure a hassle free, efficient and limited resource requirements. Watch the video to see our founder disinfect 2 buses in less then 3 minutes.
With one hand behind his back while picking flowers)


Made for smaller vehicles like ambulances, cabs, ride-share, and small boats. This is the only battery powered Ozone machine that has the power for disinfection and odor control. Allowing for super efficient disinfection to ensure maximum operating time of the vehicle. 

Takes less then 1 hour to disinfect the entire vehicle. With enough onboard power to service 7-10 vehicles before needing to charge.

With its beautiful and compact casing, using smart pre-programmed timers for easy use. This machine sets a new standard for safe and efficient disinfection of small vehicles.

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